Glutamic acid benefits

Glutamic acid benefits mostly the neurological brain function and metabolism. Get smarter. Glutamic acid is necessary for learning, memory, and problem solving. and is a brain fuel. 

Glutamic acid, glutamate or Theanine is a non essential amino acid that was first isolated from wheat gluten in 1866 by German chemist Karl Heinrich Leopold Ritthausen.

If you think for a living or are a student this product works great. This enhances all your cognitive functions. Enhance it even more by adding L glutamine with it.

It was chemically sythesized for human use in 1890. Check out it's uses.

Glutamic acid benefits:

  • It is the most abundant neurotransmitter in the body. It excites or stimulates the nuerons in the nervous system enhancing brain nervous system interaction.
  • Can be supplemented as a brain fuel. It is also the main source for brain detoxification of ammonia.
  • Essential for brain cognitive functioning. Needed for learning, memory, problem solving etc.
  • It readily turns sugars and fat into glucose, the bodies main source of fuel. Establishes a healthy active metabolism by converting food sugars into glucose.
  • Used to treat behavioral disorders in adults and children.
  • Couples or joins with ammonia, a toxic substance, converting itself to glutamine which is then converted by the liver to urea and excreted by the urine.
  • Helpful in preventing prostate enlargement along with glycine and alanine.
  • Useful in minimizing epileptic seizures.
  • Treats hypoglycemic comas that can occur with diabetics.
  • 30--35% of the protein in wheat is glutamic acid.
  • MSG the monosodium salt form of glutamic acid is used as a condiment or food preservative.
  • Research is being done for treatment of Parkinsons, mental retardation, ulcers, and muscular dystrophy. Here are some current studies.

PARKINSONS-The department of physiology and anatomy at Boston University's school of medicine discovered that individuals with Parkinsons disease have significantly lower glutamic acid levels. Supplementation with Glutamic acid has shown to be an effective treatment for this disease.

SCHIZOPHRENIA-A study performed by the Psychiatric Institute at the University of Chicago confirmed that schizophrenics have significantly lower Glutamic acid levels. Supplementation with glutamic acid reversed and stabilized many of the disorders concerning Bi-polar symptoms and Schizophrenia.

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY-Guys hospital in London performed a study on muscular dystrophy patients and discovered low glutamic acid levels. Glutamic acid benefitted and showed significant improvement in these patients.

As always more research needs to be done to solidify substantial claims.

Daily dosage = 500 to 2000 mg on an empty stomach

Glutamic acid side effects-- No side effects have been noted with this amino acid. People with liver or kidney problems should not take large doses of this amino acid.

Food Sources-- Lean red meats, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy.

Supplements--Comes in tablets, powders and capsules

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