The Health Benefits of Juicing

Few things add more bang for your buck than juicing. The Health Benefits of Juicing are huge. It is the most nutritionally complete , power packed, antiaging, healing, restorative health regimen anyone can be involved in.

I have known--literally seen--2 people overcome cancer with juicing.

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Albeit it took 6 months or more of a raw food regiment and several 8 oz. glasses of juice daily. However these people beat the death warrant of cancer. Today they are alive, active and radiantly healthy.

While I cannot guarantee the same miracle of the people above. Juicing will help you no matter how sick you may be. Adding nutrition to your existing drug program will help your health rebound.

Spinach is probably one of the richest nutrient dense foods there are. It contains beta carotenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids and many other nutrients that promote overall health. Scientists are still trying to discover all of its health promoting attributes. It should be part of your juicing regimen.

Everyone should be involved in juicing--Everyone!!

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Ladies would you like long beautiful nails, shiny bright hair, glowing radiant skin?? How about more energy?? These are but a few of the benefits. I get a little passionate about this area of health simply because I have seen and experienced so many good things.

Carrots are an excellent source of carotenoids (antioxidant compounds) and the pro-vitamin A carotenes. High carotenoid intake has been linked with a and an up to a 50% decrease in the incidence of cancers of the bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, larynx, and esophagus. They are also heart healthy.

Provide the body what it needs and it will heal itself. Whether you are diabetic, overweight, have cancer, heart problems, whatever your ailment, you will benefit from juicing. Juicing is like receiving a pharmaceutical grade nutrition pill.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Very true. Apples contain quercitin and polyphenols. These nutrients are great for heart health, diabetes, and some cancers. Did you know that Total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are both decreased through regular intake of apples.

Enhanced drugs deal with the symptoms of sickness. Juicing provides the ultimate nutrition that deals with the root cause of sickness.

Juicing or smoothies-Which is best?

More Recipes

Here I will add a list of my own recipes for overall health and various maladies one may have. All my juicing recipes have the 3 basic elements above, apples, spinach and carrots. The reasoning is simple.

The health benefits of juicing several elements becomes synergistic instead of adding their total. What this means is that when I combine carrots, apples and spinach in a juice, their combined nutrients have a multiplied health benefit to me instead of just carrot juice or apple juice individually.

Plus some of these juices are not sustainable by themselves. Have you ever tried to swallow celery juice by itself. YUCK! Remember this is for a lifetime. It has got to taste well.

Experiment with your own recipes. Adding different fruits or veggies only adds to your nutritional profile. Develop your recipe for your own taste.

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