List of essential amino acids

The List of essential amino acids in the human body are a total of 10. This includes 9 essential amino acids, 10 for children-arginine is added for growth. The entire List of essential amino acids cannot be reproduced by the body.

This is a great product. It provides all the essential amino acids for optimum health. You will definitely notice the difference. It can be used in lieu of Dairy Whey and you can mix other amino acids like the BCAAs, Arginine and Glutamine with it. Most of the time this item is cheaper and purer than most dairy whey products out there. Serving amounts are also smaller than Whey.

We must receive them through diet and supplementation. Failure to receive even one of these amino acids results in serious health problems and muscle and bone degradation over time. The body actually strips them from the muscle and bone structures.

Here are the 9 essential amino acids and the basic functions they perform. Click on any these for an in-depth look:

Leucine-BCAA Branched chain amino, tissue repair after surgery, muscle mass, blood sugar (diabetics), stress, HGH Human growth hormone, protein synthesis, bone, skin, weight loss and blood hemoglobin.

Isoleucine-BCAA branched chain amino, mental disorders, tissue rebuild after surgery, energy, muscle, endurance and blood hemoglobin.

Valine-BCAA branched chain amino, mental, emotional disorders, glycogen production, alcohol and drug recovery.

Lysine- Absorbes+conserves calcium, bones, concentration, fertility, Herpes (HSV), cholesterol, hormones, enzymes, Triglycerides, immune system, skin, collagen and migraines.

Methionine-Schizophrenia, Parkinsons, heavy metals, collagen, antioxidant, pancreatitus, endometriosis, liver fat, estrogen, Arthritis, hair, skin, nails and depression.

Phenylalanine-Chronic pain, endorphins, alcohol and drug recovery, menstral cramps, migraines, Parkinsons, melanoma, Vitiligo and tumors.

Threonine-Tooth enamel, protein balance, immune system, collagen, skin, blood sugar (diabetics), thymus gland, nervous system, stress, bones, wound healing, Parkinsons, and Multiple Schlerosis.

Tryptophan-Nerves, anxiety, mental depression, sleep, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia, niacin (B3) production and nicotine withdrawl.

Histidine-Repair tissue, stomach gastric juices, digestion, nerves, ulcers, heavy metals, red + white blood cells, blood pressure and sexual functioning.

Amino acid deficiencies -- List of essential aminos -- Their importance

What are amino acid deficiences caused by? Good question. The answer lies in poor diet, poor protein sources, poor absorption, the inability of the body to break down proteins into amino acids and, the inability of the body to convert one amino acid to another.

Amino acid deficiencies can cause far more problems than vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Why is that?

Amino acids rebuild the body while vitamins make it function better. If you are 40+ this is critical. Science has now declared that aging is the inability of the body to rebuild itself.

Most aging ailments like arthritis and heart disease are directly related to amino acid deficiencies.

Both vitamins and aminos are necessary for optimum health, but most people never consider amino acids as part of their health regimen.

Again it must be stressed. Everyone must receive the complete List of essential amino acids.

Aminos are the antiaging secrets no one is really talking about.

Why? Few really understand how they function. But you can literally stop heart problems, arthritis and a whole host of ailments. That is why I listed above the ailments next to each amino acid.

How about weight loss? Did you know there are amino acids that actually target weight loss in the mid section. Yea! I actually ran a test and proved it.

How about clear skin? Want to get rid of crows feet, lines and sagging skin without surgery? Very possible with the correct application of aminos. Check out the

Amino acid function page for recipes.

The list goes on and on.

So how do I know which aminos I am lacking? A couple of ways. One--by the ailments you may be suffering? Two--by blood or urine analysis which is the most accurate way.

Many different tests are available online and vary from about $200--$300 dollars for a fasting blood, blood spot or urine analysis.

The most cost effective way is to ask your doctor for an amino acid profile next time you go for a physical. The test will show the limits and whether you are high or low concerning a particular amino acid.

Whey and BCAAs

TOP-Here is a good way to get the full list of essential amino acids. People who have used this basic recipe have noticed significant changes in their health. Any other amino acid can be added based on condition or need. But these 2 are the foundation.

BELOW-The average protein scoop contains approximately 30 grams of powder.

List of essential amino acids -- Conclusion

The List of essential amino acids varies from 8 to 10 depending on what information source you read. In actuality there are 8 essential amino acids and several semi-essential amino acids.

Most of the time the semi and non-essential amino acids can be produced from the essential amino acids if bodily conditions permit. Otherwise they must be supplemented. Because of this peculiarity many authors say there are 8, 9 or even 10 essential amino acids.

So how do I supplement?

Dairy whey contains the most concentrated amounts of all the essential amino acids. Egg and soy proteins work. But the most concentrated is whey.

Use a micro filtered, low temperature processed, pure (no additives) whey. Remember heat kills nutrients so read the labels. Here is a good recipe.

  1. Dairy Whey-- (0.7 X Body weight) in grams daily. So for me daily intake is 0.7 X 180 lbs = 126 grams. One protein scoop is about 30 grams which equals 4 scoops-or-Now has a product called Amino 9 essentials which provides all the essentials with smaller serving amounts.
  2. BCAA (branched chain amino acids)-- 1 gram daily. BCAAs are about 60% of the body amino acid profile.

Mix 1/2 of your daily whey allotment and 1 gram of the BCAA together with juice or water and take first thing in the morning upon awakening (empty stomach please) then allow 30 minutes for absorption before eating.

Take the other 1/2 of your whey allotment with your last meal.

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