Leucine - Its role in health

Leucine is one of the BCAA (branched chain amino acid). As a supplement it should be taken with the other two branched chain aminos isolecine and valine. Branched chain aminos are crucial for anti-aging. Science now declares aging as the inability of the body to rebuild itself which is directly related to cell health.

A recent study showed that 9 month old mice supplemented with BCAA's had a 12% increase in their life span.

The branched chain aminos play a direct role in the cell mitochondria which is reponsible for health, metabolism, energy production and longevity. Listed below are more benefits and functions:
  • 60% to 70% of the protein structure from our hair to our feet in our bodies consists of the branched chain amino acids. Their effects are synergistic when taken together.
  • Very good at regulating blood sugar levels. Maintains a balance between insulin and glucose. Triggers insulin production from the pancreas when necessary. This is a key amino acid for weight loss and diabetics.

A 2006 Journal of Nutrition study concluded that Leucine taken with meals that consisted of lean proteins and carbohydrates were effective at reducing obesity.

  • Primary function is energy production.
  • Promotes blood clotting at the site of a wound.
  • Needed for blood hemoglobin production.
  • Builds and maintains muscle mass.
  • Deficiency shows up as fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, and an inability to focus and concentrate.

Mitochondria are organelles found inside most cells. Organelles are responsible for cell metabolism, energy production and vitality.  When the mitochondria starts malfunctioning less energy is produced and aging begins.

  • Instrumental in HGH (human growth hormone) production.
  • Stress reliever.
  • Regulates protein synthesis (turns protein into body tissue).
  • Promotes healing of bones, skin, and muscle tissue This amino acid is often times used as a post surgery supplement.

Food sources-Eggs, beans (lentils), fish, lean meats, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin seeds), and whole grains.

Supplements-Comes in tablets, powders and capsules.  I encourage powders because one can mix several Amino acids together with a juice to enhance your health.

BCAA daily intake = 1 gm on an empty stomach

**On a personal note, the BCAAs with  the Amino9 supplementation below, have been instrumenatal in my health regimen. Amino9 is best because of its purity.  Many whey proteins today have added ingredients reducing it's effectiveness.  Also more powder is required to obtain the correct dosages. 

If you are tired, stressed, sleepless, diabetic, depressed, and have anxiety attacks, Amino9 and the BCAAs will help you.

To my surprise, the loose skin and wrinkles on my face began to disappear. That is because Amino9 along with the BCAAs produce collagen and elastin which are neccessary for skin maintenance and rejuvenation.

Some studies are also beginning to reveal that collagen is necessary for arterial health.**

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