Histidine - The benefits

Histidine or L-Histidine is an semi-essential amino acid that can be produced by the body if conditions are right. Because of this, many consider it an essential amino acid to be taken regularly. Adults can produce this amino while children do not. This is a powerful nutrient with many atributes:

  • Grows and repairs body tissue.
  • Produces gastric juices in the stomach for digestion.
  • Repairs stomach ulcers.
  • Protects nerve cells by maintaining the myelin sheaths surrounding these cells. May be helpful for any person with a shaking type disease.
  • Effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment.
  • Manufacturs red and white blood cells.
  • Protects the body from irradiation.
  • Removes heavy metals from the body.
  • May help with auditory nerve deafness.
  • People suffering from bi-polar or schizophrenia disorders should not take this supplement.
  • Lowers blood pressure by relaxing and dilating blood vessels. Great for cardiac and circulatory problems.
  • Necessary for good sexual functioning. This works well with arginine for erectile dysfunction. Better than Viagra in my estimation.

Food Sources-Beans, brewers yeast, dairy, eggs, fish, lean meats, whole grains, rice and wheat.

Supplements- Free form amino acid powders and tablets.

Daily dosage = Begin with 500mg on an empty stomach. Add more or less depending on condition.

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